What I can offer from what I am currently doing...

  • I am employed in a Warehouse where I just started working in the Receiving Department a couple of weeks ago. Previously I worked in the Shipping Department. There I learned everything: Order Picking @ stations 1 to 6 and @ the lift as it is called in German, Collecting @ stations 1 to 6 & @ lift (collecting the picked items by Order and bringing them to the Controllers, both from normal Pickers and from Lift), and also Controlling @ stations 1 to 7 (ensure that (a) the correct items were picked and (b) in the right quantity, and then packaging the items). I would love to learn more, actually everything that is happening in the Warehouse from A to Z.
  • I also obtained a license for driving a small, electric forklift. But I did not pass the eye exam. I have to make an eye doctor appointment.
  • I would love to get into Operations Management and Project Management as well. This is what I was trained to do.
  • About 25 years ago I got an APICS CPIM (Certified in Production & Inventory Management) Certification. And I had a job where I learned about this subject from the top down. I was in the Development/Maintenance PSIC team (Production Scheduling and Inventory Control), state of the art in its times. An applicaton written in PL/I and running on EDS's Main Frames in Plano, TX. It was used in more than 100 GM locations in North America. Later I interfaced directly with the GM customer to get and manage the customer requirements and transform them into technical requirements, which I managed and passed on to the development team I was previously part of.

    One can still see my certification by entering my name, but as inactive, since I did not do anything with it since I came to Germany in 2000.

Leadership Services:

  • I offer Project & Program Management, and Operations Management.

I offer English language courses.

Technical Services:

  • Web Development.
  • Systems Development.
  • Computer and Computer Network maintenance and security.
  • Computer hardware support.
  • Some languages I worked with or played around with are: ADA, C, C++, C#, COBOL, Go, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Java, Pascal, PeopleCode, PHP, PL/I, Python, SQL, SQLite.

Some of the software, OS, packages, etc., which I used:

  • Linux and Windows
  • Microsoft Office and LibreOffice
  • Microsoft Access and LibreOffice Base
  • Microsoft Project and ProjectLibre
  • MySQL and Oracle
  • Aptana Studio
  • Bluefish
  • Bootstrap
  • Eclipse
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code
  • NetBeans
  • PyCharm
  • R Studio
  • WampServer
  • Atlassian Bitbucket (Git revision control system)
  • Atlassian SourceTree (Git GUI Desktop Client)
  • Atlassian Jira (Bug Tracking, Issue Tracking and Project Management)
  • Atlassian Confluence (Team Collaboration)
  • GitHub (Git revision control system)